Know about Snow with MountaiNow and Exolabs ❄️😎⛷

Know about Snow with MountaiNow and Exolabs ❄️😎⛷

Snow… or not?

Snow-cover at 20m resolution is now available on MountaiNow (mobile app and web) for the entire Alps – thanks to a partnership with Exolabs.

The snow-cover, based on a composite of satellite images, is updated every day at around 8 am (ECT). The goal being to combine this satellite info with the tracks and observations you share on MountaiNow!


By the way, slope-classes beyond 30° have also been introduced over Switzerland, France, and Northern Italy for optimal safety



How to?
1. From smartphone, update via the store and open the app
2. From web, go to the live map and then login
3. From Home (main map), click on „layers“ symbol and
tick „Snow Cover“
4. Choose your next destination !


Any question, feedback, suggestion?


You are MountaiNow 😉


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