Who is Grivel: a special brand for mountain lovers

Who is Grivel: a special brand for mountain lovers

Who is Grivel? The question was not born out of any promotional intent but out of the desire to meet the needs of mountain lovers. Whether taking a difficult step or an easy one, having the right equipment is key: it can make your day and even possibly save your life – or not.  This is why, over the course of the next few months, we will tell you about professionals that we care for and that, in our opinion, can help you live your passion fully and safely – just in the way MountaiNow does. 

Who is Grivel? In short, a sun-powered company at the forefront of technology that produces equipment for mountaineering, climbing and outdoors. Founded in 1818 in Courmayeur, at the foot of the highest mountain in the Alps, Grivel shines as the oldest producer of mountaineering equipment still in operation. It stands out on the market by the quality of its products, not by the quality of its advertising campaigns.

Word of mouth of those who really experience mountains is what carries Grivel. By the way, all lighthouse products from Grivel (e.g. ice axes, crampons, carabiners, helmets) are strictly “made in Italy”, a rare quality these days.

Find your favorite products! 

On the web, and also on this blog, you will find valuable tips on how to prepare for tours – and on how to find the right equipment. Because if a carabiner opens, you’re the one who pays the price. That’s why we point out here some of the most popular Grivel items and invite you to search for your own favorite ones online:

  • Carabiner Tau K12L new wire-lock system;
  • Ultra-light Flame ice-axe;
  • Semi-automatic Air-Tech New-Matic crampons;
  • Helmet Stealth HS color: Yellow;
  • Shield GS protection for harnesses;
  • Air Tech Evolution Hammer.

Grivel brand

Who is MountaiNow

MountaiNow and Grivel have the same objective: make you safe and happy . Nothing matters more than your safety, and this is what you get with top crampons and the latest info from MountaiNow all year long.

MountaiNow’s idea is dead-simple: Let thousands of mountain lovers – you, me – share what they see in the mountains to create a live map of mountain conditions; from mobile app or website, it only takes a few seconds thanks to super-easy interface!

So why not join the MountaiNow community now? MountaiNow is free for download from here for iOs and from here for Android. See you soon on MountaiNow!

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